Micha Hamel is as a composer, conductor and poet, one of the most versatile artists in the Netherlands. He composes exclusively interdisciplinary and polystilistic works. Works that require an unconventional line-up, spacing and movement, acting and singing musicians and/or cross-overs with poetry, fine arts or architecture. As a conductor and artistic leader, Micha programmes and performes many cross-over concerts and events that are meant to push the borders of the concert-framework. His intellectual output includes the organizing of debates and lecturing about the current state and the future of classical and contemporary music as well as theoreticizing about interdisciplinarity. He published a book about the future of classical music as well as four collections of poetry that were praised for their vitality and originality.

Demian Albers (Breda 1983), animator, director, light artist and VR designer. After obtaining his Master’s degree in the audio visual arts Albers joined the team at Studio APVIS as an animation director and he is currently working as light artist at video mapping company Afterlight. His work has been displayed at national and international events and focuses at the search for new possibilities to tell stories. Demian Albers takes his audience on a journey through his playful and absurdist perceptions in an attempt to escape from everyday reality. In his hands the world transforms into a place where laws of nature do not exist and the intuitive and subjective experience of the space are a central theme.